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Download listings of our annual accomplishments.

2009-2010 (PDF)
A special April meeting focused on the impact of unnecessary, decorative lighting on the environment, economy and historic character of the village. Over the summer, members began work with the village forester in a tree survey of post-construction properties and work started in February on a Historic Home Tour planned for October 16.

2008-2009 (PDF)
A seminar titled Preservation: It’s Good to be Green on May 16 reflected the coming together of environmentalists and preservationists in recognizing the dire impact of teardowns and over-sized replacement construction on the environment. Village and Park District candidate surveys and a forum for village president provided members with candidate positions on issues related to the character of the village.

2006-2007 (PDF)
Highlights include the increase number of 'A' homeownerswilling to display Preserving Glen Ellyn signs
in front of their homes, the ongoing debate about Churchill Woods, and our growing membership.

2005-2006 (PDF)
HIghlights include our work with saving Main Street Recreation Center and Churchill Woods.

2004-2005 (PDF)
Highlights include saving a Victorian Home at Prairie & Hawthorne and collecting 500 teardown petitions.

2002-2003 (PDF)
Highlights in 2002 include the first newsletter and launch of the Citizen's website. In 2003, the first Preservation Seminar and Historic House Walk took place on October 18th. Phase I of the Historic Resources Survey was underway.


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