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USGBC: PVC is Not a Healthy Building Material

The verdict is in. "When we add end-of-life with accidental landfill fires and backyard burning, the additional risk of dioxin emissions puts PVC consistently among the worst materials for human health impacts..." USGBC Technical Science Advisory Committee (TSAC) final report.

After several years of serious investigation and pressure from health advocates, the US Green Building Council Technical Advisory Committee has finally concluded that vinyl building products are bad for human health. This was an extremely challenging issue to the design and building community because this is such a widely used building product and the issue is not the same as asbestos or lead paint. The research conclusion is based upon the total life-cycle of the product including its production and disposal more than it is the presence of the material in buildings. For more information on this topic the best source is the Healthy Building Network, which has been advocating on this issue for years.

The report on the USGBC technical committee can be found at:



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