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wood window restoration "Should Your Old Wood Windows Be Saved?" (pdf)
Rob Yagid weighs the options with cost, complexity, efficiency, and preservation in mind. – Fine Homebuilding, April/May 2010, Taunton Press Inc.

Restoring panes and frames
"Like old times (only better), Restoring original panes and frames gives homeowners windows to the past "
By Mary Beth Klatt, Special to the Tribune, October 25, 2007

leaded glass Preserving original wood windows
STOP! Windows are as important to defining the style of your home as are the other architectural elements, such as the roofline, footprint and mass. Read this article before replacing your original historic window.

historic wood windows tip sheet Historic Wood Windows: A tip sheet from the National Trust for
Historic Preservation

wood lath Plaster... An Irreplaceable Treasure
Flat plaster walls that were installed in homes until as late as the 1950s are an integral part of both the historic and environmental value of older homes. Yet plaster is the first element that a contractor will tell you “has to go.”


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