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Facts about the proposed amendments to the
Tree Preservation Ordinance

Currently, the only protected trees within the Village of Glen Ellyn are those in parkways. Although builders must show tree protection when building plans are submitted for approval, actual preservation is strictly voluntary. This has resulted in the mistreatment of valuable pre-settlement oaks and the unfortunate practice of clear-cutting lots prior to applications to build. The shocking loss of thousands of trees over the last 5 years alone is testimony to the need for stronger regulation of our community forest.

Amendments proposed by the Village Environmental Commission will:

  • Mandate the protection of healthy trees with a minimum 8” diameter that are in the set-back area of a property (the unbuildable part of the lot)
  • Still allow property owners the right to cut down trees that are unhealthy, dangerous to life or property, or are an invasive species.
  • Fine contractors or owners who cut down or damage protected trees, at the cost of $1,000. per tree, with a maximum fine of $10,000. In addition, the responsible party will replace destroyed trees, under the direction of the Village Staff. Fines will be placed in a Tree Fund that will promote the planting and care of trees throughout the Village.
  • Hold deposits for three years after completion of a project, since trees may take several years to die from construction damage.
  • Create a new category of “Heritage Tees” that will allow property owners to register significant trees with the Village of Glen Ellyn. Trees that are approved as Heritage Trees will have special protection from destruction or damage. These include trees that may have a unique historic context, are at least 75 years old or are a native species to Illinois.
How you can help:
  • Sign the petition currently being circulated by Citizens for Glen Ellyn Preservation and local environmental groups, to show that the majority of residents support reasonable tree protection.
  • Call or write the Glen Ellyn Village Board, asking them to approve these measures before Glen Ellyn is no longer “the Village in a Woods.” (at 535 Duane St. or
  • Circulate a petition in your neighborhood. Call Linda Gilbert (630 858-2711)

Before and After:

before after
front before front after
southside before southside after
southside of house before southside after

highview before
treeline before
treeline after (131 trees lost)

hillside before before
after 1 year 2007
pre-settlement oaks beginning to decline 2007, one tree left

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