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What is a teardown?
A teardown means demolishing an existing house to make way for a significantly larger, new house
on the same site.
Teardowns are a major threat in Glen Ellyn and in older, historic communities nationwide. They have an irreversible, negative impact on a community and mean the loss of the historic fabric responsible for visual character. This epidemic is so threatening that the National Trust for
Historic Preservation has added "Teardowns in Historic Neighborhoods" to its list of America's 11
Most Endangered Historic Places.

LOST... before and after images of teardowns in Glen Ellyn
The homes below are just a few of the over 700 structures and their trees lost in Glen Ellyn since 1993.
Click on images to see before and after pictures. Read more about the proposed amendments to the
Tree Preservation Ordinance.

362 park 682 hillside 672 highview campbells woods 696 hillside
362 Park 682 Hillside 672 Highview Campbell's Woods 696 Hillside
708 highview 779 hillside      
708 Highview 779 Hillside      

Number of teardowns in Glen Ellyn


Top ten reasons to control teardowns
10. New construction is not less expensive than restoration.
9. Living in a construction zone decreases the quality of life.
8. Flooding and stormwater runoff increases as more impermeable surface is created.
7. Asbestos and other toxic substances are released into atmosphere.
6. Associated truck traffic destroys the existing infrastructure.
5. Valuable resources are wasted when homes are hauled to the landfill.
4. Trees, green space and light are lost.
3. Community diversity and affordable housing are lost.
2. Old world craftsmanship and quality materials are irretrievably lost and,
1. A community’s historic character is eradicated.


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